Settling Into Victoria


We have found a groove.

Today will mark our 27th day in Victoria, BC, Canada.  By far, this is the longest amount of time our children have lived in any place other than Boston, and the impact of staying put is starting to reveal itself.

I have always despised the idea of settling.  I always thought it implied that one was choosing to take the easier, less fulfilling path . . . but maybe I was wrong.

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Why You Should Be House Sitting

So here's the big, not-so-secret "secret" to traveling the world on the cheap:

Whenever possible, find cheap or free accommodation. 

Travel comes with 3 major expenses:

1) Transport
2) Food
3) Accommodation

And of these 3, accommodation will easily impact your travel budget the most, unless, of course, you start finding places to sleep for free.

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2 Days In A Life Of Change


It's amazing how things can change.

With a little bit of work, flexibility, and faith - you can flip the world upside down and see it again for the first time.

Nothing stays the same.  All rivers dry up; all mountains crumble.  And yet, with change comes the new.  Dried up rivers become beautiful canyons, and crumbled mountains become new playgrounds for my kids to explore.  Change is inevitable.

And so we have a choice.  We can stand on the mountain as it crumbles and cross our fingers, or we can bravely climb down and start exploring the worlds we only ever had the courage to view from a distance.

Got to make a choice.  What do we do?

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Up And Up The Grand Staircase


Why did we do this?

It will be fine.

It won't be fine!  The car can't take this and we are in middle of nowhere!  We don't have enough water, there's no cell service, and we can't afford to have another breakdown!  This was a stupid idea.

Back in town, the man at the grocery assured me the road was a breeze.

Don't worry . . . It's unpaved, but you won't have any issues.  They just fixed it last month!

The man back in town is a LIAR!  Or, at the very least, his definitions of the words 'breeze', 'road', and 'fixed' differ greatly from mine.

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Two puffs of smoke, stale booze, and a prostitute greeted us as we stumbled into Vegas for my daughter's birthday.

Not exactly what mom and dad had in mind when we decided to take the kids to the city of bright lights, but hey - that's travel!

We can't plan for everything in this world.  We don't know what's going to happen next.

There is now.  Now is it!  Now is all there is.  And as long as you have a now, whether it be good or bad, you have a chance - especially in Vegas!

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North American Road Trip:  Day #86

Nothing like running into a blizzard when driving at 9,000 feet!  What a day!

We hiked Bryce Canyon and then met with blinding snow and winds as we made our way to Cedar City, Utah.  We're finding unexpected adventures around every corner, and - as long as the car holds up - we'll just keep on embracing them.  You just don't know where the road can lead you until you jump on it and GO!

At the start of this journey we started budgeting our travel expensesBeing rookies in the world of travel, we felt it was important for us to keep track of as much as we could so we could (hopefully) learn from our mistakes and get better at this game.

After nearly 11,000 miles and 200 meals on the road, here's what we've learned so far:

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North American Road Trip:  Day 84

This morning we're in Petrified Forest State Park in Escalante, Utah - and it's cold!  As far as state parks go, this one ranks up there as one of the best.  All we need is a little sun to warm the place up and we'll be in heaven.

My daughter Maggie is taking her first stab at blogging today.  This is her take on our hike to the famous Delicate Arch in Arches National Park.  She carried the camera, took the pics, and put this all together.  Roadschooling at its best.  Enjoy!

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We're from Boston.

Sure we're off traveling the world and we have no idea where or when we'll settle down, but if you ask our kids where they're from, they'll always say Boston.  We lived there for 10 years, and we know the city well.

The folks at asked if we would spotlight Boston as part of their 100 cities to home swap before you die.  I don't think the kids could handle turning down a chance to spread the word about the city they love.

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