Kid Friendly Roadtrip Recipe #3: Make-Your-Own Sandwich Bar

As part of The Great Family Roadtrip we are offering up 30 healthy, kid-friendly recipes for your next roadtrip.

Kids and healthy food are both pretty simple.  We want to try and keep them that way.  If you're looking to sit over a grill all day or slave away in the kitchen, then these recipes are not for you.  When taking a kid on a roadtrip you need fast, fun and creative ways to present good food. You need to be able to pull up to a grocery store, grab a few healthy items and create a masterpiece.   This is what we have tried to do.  Any recipe you find here was tried out on our kids with success and we stuck pretty closely to using only the world's 100 healthiest foods.

We've done a lot of road trips.  We have been to McDonald's more times than we can count.  We think we can do a little bit better.

Hope you enjoy these recipes and if you have one you would like to share, give us a shout at

Day #3:  Make-Your-Own Sandwich Bar

Sandwiches:  a Classic on-the-go meal, at least here in North America.  But it seems every culture has its version of a sandwich.  Gyros in Greece, Tacos in Mexico, Sushi in Japan, even China has a Steamed Bun filled with goodies.

Take something as common as a sandwich and add a dash of Independence - they'll be adding a variety of veggies and chowing down before they even realize it!  "Make-Your-Own" are the magic words to make the ordinary seem exotic and fun.


Ideas for fixings:

  • Left-over whole roasted chicken
  • Cheese
  • Spinach, lettuce, tomatoes, red onions, cucumber, bell peppers
  • Multigrain bread or rolls
  • Hummus, mustard, oil & vinegar spritz, salt & pepper

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