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Making the Most out of Solar Panels from Soleeva.com

Soleeva.com is one of the companies in California that specializes in alternative energy sources, specifically solar power. Solar power technology has been around for a long time but only in recent years has it seen a pronounced upward spike in sophistication and sales. The worldwide dependence on fossil fuel energy and its resulting energy price hikes make solar panels almost a necessity as they sharply reduce conventional electricity usage and lowers the bill. However, solar power can’t do everything with the current technology.

Solar energy is not as efficient as energy derived from mechanical or nuclear means. You would need to cover a large area with panels just so you can generate energy enough for several appliances. However, the solar panel is a cost-efficient method to lower your electricity bills in the long run. Since solar panels are not very efficient, here are some things you can do to maximize the benefits you get from them.

Use appliances with the highest energy ratings when the sun is shining. Plug-in devices like vacuum cleaners, washing machines or electric cooktops to solar power when the sun’s output is at its maximum. Use them one at a time for optimum solar energy usage.

Use devices with lower energy ratings like phone chargers in the early mornings or late afternoons. This is when the sun’s radiant output is just enough to power these devices but can still be used.

If your appliances have timers, set them to turn on at around the time when the sun is at or near its maximum output. if you’re leaving on a trip to the grocery or to work, set the timer at around 11 am to make use of the near max solar energy. This way, even if you’re not home, your appliances save money on bills for you.

Remember to turn things off when not in use. This is pretty basic but is still worth repeating. You will want the energy generated by your panels to be used for the appliances that really need it. Refrain from using the standby mode. It uses electricity still and can increase your electricity bill. Turn on the light when the sun is out in the morning or afternoon.

When choosing appliances that are on all the time, choose the model which is the most efficient. For example, a fridge with a good energy efficiency rating can be turned on all the time and still save you tons of money when compared to less efficient models. They also need less electricity so you can run other efficient appliances at noon so the solar panels can take care of some of the energy requirements.

Run an immersion heater on excess solar energy power. Using this technique, you will use less gas than normal for hot water and for central heating. You can also spend a bit of money on an efficient electricity storage system. That way, you can save the excess energy and use it in the evening.

This list is by no means exhaustive. Visit Soleeva.com for more information regarding this technology.