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It’s been more than a hundred years that the first headphones appeared in the world. The first headphone was heavy, and it was not for listening music, but for the operator of the telephone. Then there were developments that the headphones came like a stethoscope so people could use it to listen to music in the home. There was a similar headphone that looked like ours now in 1910. The first brand that came with the modern headphone is Beyer dynamic. Later,AKG produced the most phenomenal products called K120. Years later, there were so many developments of headphones that can be paired with a microphone too.

The first development is, of course, the wired headphone that comes with great sound and also the practical features at that time, but it is not satisfied the users because the tangled wire distracts the excitement when they want to listen to music. No matter how expensive the wire one, the wire will be tangled like automatically. That is why the latest generation of headphones comes with wireless feature. They just need IR or Bluetooth to connect the device to the headphones. It is quite interesting that everything now comes with wireless technology including charging the device that can be wireless too.

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