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Financial management has become an exceedingly tedious job with the advent of credit lines. Unfortunately, there is hardly any way around it. You have to adapt to the system or be buried under the mountain of debt that will accumulate faster than you can imagine.

You have to be very careful when dealing with credit cards because sometimes all it takes is a couple of hasty decisions at the wrong moment for your FICO score to dwindle excessively. This will make it difficult in the future to secure loans, get reasonable mortgages, have decent car insurance or any financial dealing with any reputable company.

These companies carefully scrutinize your credit score to know your financial history. They don’t just hand out loans to anyone. They assess the risks first and then make a careful decision. You have to be in their good books if you want to secure their trust.


The first step to improving your credit is to find the fault. You must know the actual reason for the deterioration. You are eligible to get one free copy of your credit report annually from any of the three credit reporting companies nationwide: Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion.

Now you can enlist the help of a San Jose credit repair agency such as the one at this link bluewatercredit.com/san-jose-credit-repair, or you can study the report yourself. A professional agency is better equipped to find any mistakes that may have been overlooked. Outdated items, redundant additions or anything that may be negatively impacting your credit.


Thanks to the credit repair organization act, the company cannot charge you until the job is completed and they cannot falsely advertise any of their services.

The company is expected to draw up a contract for you that meticulously details the terms of your arrangement; the time it will take to finish the task, the amount you will be charged, the services they will provide, etc.

You also have a three-day window in which to withdraw from the deal without any penalty if you feel you don’t require their services anymore.


If you do happen to stumble upon errors, we encourage you to challenge them. Some may shy away from the idea but know that the negative consequences of bad credit score will impact a lot in your future.

Carefully detail all the possible errors in your report and mail it to the credit reporting company. The company will get in touch with the information providing agency to figure out if your claims hold water. The reporting company has thirty days to investigate your claims. Failure to do so will allow you to challenge them in court.


Leaving aside any potential errors, or possible identity theft,  legitimate elements will continue to affect your credit history for at least a decade.

Unfortunately, there is no quick fix for your credit. It’s a slow and steady game, but if you start today, you may still have a fighting chance. Instead of simply moving around credit, how about you start paying it back.